New year new excuses for HTC, the company says the reason for the lack of sales in 2012 is that they have a much smaller budget for marketing, unlike Samsung who has a larger budget. If thats the case I need HTC to explain the major year they had in 2011 when their devices were flying off shelves. I’m sure their budget was much smaller then. According to HTC’s CEO they didn’t market hard enough for their customers to come back to their devices, which again makes no sense to me because the same customers that purchased devices in 2011 should be coming off contracts in 2013 so 2013 should have been the drop off year. I think HTC’s R&D department didnt do any research and released weak devices with no innovation and just retooled older devices with newer hardware. Trying to use the Apple method the only difference is Apple has stans HTC doesn’t.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

“The worst for HTC has probably passed. 2013 will not be too bad,” Chou said. “Our competitors were too strong and very resourceful, pouring in lots of money into marketing. We haven’t done enough on the marketing front.”