Kobe has been talking alot lately. Last week he said his Lakers were slow and old. Does he realize he is the old one? Anyway, now he is talking again, this time praising the Clippers as if they were the second coming of Jesus himself. In my opinion however, I feel he is not being truthful. I feel he is indirectly taking shots at his team, either to try and get them mad so they get motivated, or maybe to just put them down in typical Kobe teammate bashing style. Read more after the jump.

Kobe was asked about Magic Johnson calling the clippers the new showtime as well. “I agree. “They’re very spectacular and they’re fun to watch. There’s no question about it. They have higher jumpers than showtime did, though” Bryant said. OK. Lets relax a little bit here. The original showtime LA Lakers from the 80’s had multiple hall of famers. The clippers will be lucky if Chris Paul is the only member of the Hall of Fame in the future from this Clippers team. When asked about the Clippers title chances this season, Kobe was quoted as saying ” Oh, for sure, for sure. They are definitely one of the contenders…I think they’re expected to blow us out”. Again lets relax. The clippers will go NOWHERE in the western playoffs. They still cant mess with the Thunder or Spurs in a 7 game series. And to be honest, they probably cant mess with the Lakers themselves in a 7 game series. Playoff basketball is not about highlights. It is about grind it out, lock down defense type basketball and we all still need to see if the clippers can handle that in a tough 7 game series. Kobe, relax bro. By the way, these 2 teams play each other tonight!!