I have a few issues with this! First off let me explain. Charlie Villanueva of the Detroit Pistons was fined $25,000 by the NBA for a hard flagrant foul on Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas. No, not that Isiah Thomas, the new one lol. Anyway, my issue is once you watch the video below I think you will agree the foul really was not that hard. Secondly, why does Thomas try to get in Villanueva’s face like he is going to do something, he is half his size. Perhaps because he knew it would get broken up before anything could happen and he would look like a little tough guy. Um..No..Read more after the jump.

Villanueva fired back yesterday with comments of his own. On being called a dirty player by Thomas, Charlie responded by saying “Dirty player? Not at all. It was an open lane, I tried to block it, he’s 4’11, 100 pounds soaking wet so it looks bad”. He went on to add “I expected just a regular foul. I got kicked out. I think it was a little too harsh and now I’m going to go through the appeals process. He’s a little dude, so it looks worse than what it is.” In this case I definitely agree with Charlie. Watch the video below.