After making the hit heard around the world, Jadeveon Clowney has been on the mind of every football fan. The University of South Carolina sophomore delivered one of the best hits in recent memory in any level of football when he destroyed a running back from the University of Michigan in the Outback bowl on new years day. If you are a big college football fan like me, then you know Clowney has been a beast since he arrived on campus in South Carolina as a freshman in 2011. But like all trends, everyone is finally on the bandwagon now. One person who definitely already knew the talent of Clowney is coach Steve Spurrier. Read more after the jump.

Spurrier in an interview today “He could’ve come out of high school, probably, and gone straight to the NFL and played, he’s just one of those rare guys who has tremendous strength and quickness and explosiveness. And he likes playing. He’s a good guy, he’s really a good teammate also.” Now because of NFL rules, Clowney has to play one more season of college before he can enter the NFL draft. So I am sure many college coaches and players are dreading if South Carolina is on their schedule next year. Check the video below of Jadeveon in his senior year of high school. Do you think he looks talented enough of the video that he could of entered the draft if rules allowed it? he definitely looks like a monster out there.