C’mon!!! Seriously?!  Have a sense of humor people!  Shaq posted a pic on Facebook about restroom etiquette and is now under fire by people saying it was anti-gay.  Obviously I’m a woman so I’ve never experienced this, BUT I completely understand where Shaq was coming from & don’t think he meant any harm by posting it.  It’s about personal space…not homophobia.  I asked Funk Flex what he thought about the pic and he had a PERFECT example of what Shaq meant by it.

Check out the pic, what Shaq said and what Flex had to say about it — then let us know what you think.




Here’s what Shaq said along with the pic, “This is an automatic fight in my book…….LMFAO.”

Here’s what Funk Flex had to say about it:  “It’s like when you go to a parking lot that has A LOT of open spaces, but someone still has to park RIGHT next to you.”


So you be the judge…was Shaq’s post anti-gay???