If you’re guessing Lindsay Lohan, then you are absolutely correct. This woman was paid $100,000 dollars to party at some fancy Gala event for New Years. For someone who has been known to have financial problems I wasn’t surprised to find out she was doing something strange for some change, especially for one night. I wouldn’t put anything past Lindsay Lohan she’s liable to do anything, we should expect this kind of ridiculous news from the former child star who can’t keep her name out of the tabloids. Hopefully this will help keep her finances in order to start out the year.

The party host, Prince Azim of Brunei has been known to throw lavish parties, with incredible gift bags and his favorite celebrities. The Billionaire has been known to shell out loads of cash to get stars to attend his parties, a whopping $250,000 to Lionel Richie, another $75,000 to Pamela Anderson, and that’s just to name a few. Prince Azim is world renowned for throwing the best parties yearly, he has been the recipient of the Party Of the Year Award by the British Press. Apparently this guy know’s how to do it up, and every guest goes home super happy. Hey Azim, if you see this, what’s up with an invite to your next shin dig?

Daily News