Sadly the situation in Aurora, Colorado, in which  about 40 SWAT team members were surrounding a home in which an armed man was believed to be holding 3 or 4 people hostage has ended in bloodshed. Police were called to the home at about 3 a.m. and had been working diligently to get the hostages out safely, but to no avail they were killed. Hostage negotiators were also on scene to deal with the man who was said to be dangerous. Aurora, CO was the town in which James Holmes opened fire on a movie theater killing 12 people On July 20. Reports have just come in that four people, including the gunman, were killed during the hostage situation. We’ll have more details as they come in.

UPDATE 1:59p.m.: One person who was held hostage was able to escape and alert authorities this morning. The suspect was shot by police officers at about 9a.m. and his three hostages are believed to be adults were killed earlier.

Julie A.