Aside from whatever monetary issues Allen Iverson has going on, he’s also in court for his pending divorce and he’s having issues there as well.  Iverson wants the judge to recuse herself, find out why after the jump.

Shay Marie

Iverson is claiming the current judge unethically does legal favors for campaign contributors, and he’s afraid she will screw him just like she did Usher’s estranged wife.

Iverson filed a motion for the judge to recuse herself last month, claiming she has accepted campaign donations from his estranged wife’s attorney — and has a track record of making biased decisions for contributors.

As for the Usher connection — the lawyer who repped the singer in his child custody showdown with Tameka Raymond is also repping Iverson’s ex.

In his motion, Allen claims the judge’s decision to strip Tameka of primary custody was biased, and he refuses to get the same treatment.

Messy, messy stuff, unfortunately for Iverson the chances of him getting a new judge are slim, well at least for now.  The judge dismissed Iverson’s notion stating he didn’t provide enough evidence.  Doesn’t it suck that the judge gets to make those decisions, in essence judging themselves?