Though most athletes are able to control their twitter accounts, they can’t control those of their family members which are usually also under high scrutiny.  This was the case last Sunday when the Green Bay Packers lost to the Minnesota Vikings, Greg Jennings sister had some not so nice things to say about quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

During Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, Jennings’ sister, Valyncia Jennings, ripped Rodgers in a series of Twitter messages, which she has since deleted but you can view here.

Rodgers responded in his normal cool manner of not letting it get to him.  “That kind of stuff is never going to come between myself and my teammates,” Rodgers said on ESPN Milwaukee, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “That’s never going to become between Greg and I. We got a great relationship . . . not going to fault Greg or his sister for anything that was said. I mean it was family and emotions. Not a big deal.”

The Packers and Vikings face off for a rematch tonight in the Wild Card portion of the playoffs.  I’m assuming despite the outcome Valyncia probably won’t express her emotions on twitter this time.