Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never been one to not say how he feels.   In fact his outspoken behavior is either why you love him or hate him.  The Mavericks game against the Miami Heat left Cuban upset with the officiating and he was sure to let them know.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Cuban sent out this tweet:

Cuban earlier in the night said he sent film from the Dallas/Miami game to the league office but slapped the office around in the process. From ESPNDallas.com.

“Let’s just say I thought there was a misapplication of the rules when they didn’t review the out of bounds with 1:45 to go,” Cuban said. “At least from the replay on TV, it looked like Wade hit it. I would have thrown the challenge flag on that one….

“I will tell you this: We used to turn plays in all the time,” said Cuban, who did complain to the NBA office about the out-of-bounds play. “We don’t do it anymore. I just turned it in because I was mad, but it’s just not worth the time. You know the definition of insanity.”

He sure to receive another fine about his comments but I doubt he cares at this point.