Jodi Arias wrote a beautiful farewell letter to her boyfriend Travis Alexander on the online guest book for an obituary service. The only problem with that is the fact that she murdered him and slaughtered his body. Alexander was shot and stabbed at least 27 times as well as having his throat sliced from ear-to-ear back in 2008. Now, years after Alexander’s body was found by friends, Arias has come forward saying she was the one who murdered her boyfriend although she was suspected immediately. Arias, whose trial began on Wednesday, told authorities that Alexander was abusive towards her and she killed him in self-defense. Not only did Arias write this beautiful letter to her man, but she also took pictures of them having sex right before she killed him, as well as pictures of his dead body in the couple’s shower. A camera containing these bizarre photos was found in a wash machine and Arias claimed that her man got mad at her for dropping the camera in the machine and attacked her, but that doesn’t explain the weird photos of his body in the shower. Clearly, she’s a bit on the crazy side. See the farewell letter she wrote to him below, it certainly doesn’t sound like a battered woman to me.

Julie A.

Jodi Arias wrote, “Travis, what can I say to you that I haven’t already said? I am so grateful for the endless hours of conversation and amazing experiences we’ve shared. Thank you for having the courage to share the Gospel with me. You’ve had one of the greatest impacts on my life, and have forever altered it’s course for the better. I love you, my friend, and always will.” She wrote this just days after she shot and stabbed Travis. It seems like this was just part of a failed cover-up.