Responsible for the existence of Smart TVs, Samsung has done a great job creating what will eventually be the standard. Many big name companies have tried to imitate but fall short of coming close to Samsung’s in-house branded Smart TV. They’re latest model, the F8000, is really something impressive.

Tat Wza

Samsung’s F8000 sports a quad-core processor and a bezel under a quarter-inch thick. Wave inspired to give the appearence of a floating TV, the F8000 will range in sizes from 46, 55, 60, 65 & 75 inches with voice and gesture control in conjunction with a built-in 2-megapixel camera. The quad-core processor should make the model 3x faster than anything released in 2012 along with a complete revamp of Smart Hub & S-Recommendation. Both Smart Hub & S-Recommendation will help you browse for movies, TV shows, apps etc.