I am going to need this to end! Should Meek respond to Cassidy’s R.A.I.D. ??? I think NO, but that’s NOT because Cassidy said NOT to. Despite anything Cass says, he wants Meek to respond. He wants this to go back and forth, because let’s be honest, THIS IS BIG! One of the most talked about beefs is this one right here and as long as it keeps going Cass will be talked about. Cassidy is real ill about this whole situation. You only can go in for 10 minutes when you’re steamed – that is him. Don’t get me wrong I’m #teamMEEK, but I respect Cass. He did do GREAT music, but bring it back another way. Any how (I can go all day with this one), Cassidy calls into 107.9 Atlanta and mentions that this is NOT a street beef. He seemed somewhat respectable of Meek.
Cass’s long-time friend, AR-AB went in on a video and said some things that a friend shouldn’t say about another, so Cass mentions how they talked out there differences (the two are still cool).

JaaiR (JR)

P.S. I wish the two could have just made great music together, but we know that this is pass the point of no return.