CRAZY! This happened just a couple days ago in Turkey. At the moment I do not know if the killer got away or if the police found him later. The argument started with the driver arguing with the passenger about using the front door of the bus. At first the passenger is trying to intimidate him, slaps the driver once or twice. At one point you see the driver actually has something in his hand and takes a swing at the passenger. That is when if you look closely you see the passenger come back at the driver with a long knife in his hand. You can see he is able to stab the driver a couple times before running off. At first it does not look like he was able to get the driver anywhere life threatening. But when some other passengers help the driver you can see his chest is all bloody. The driver winds up dying at the scene. There is no audio on the video. I was able to get all the info from another source. Watch the video below and warning, it is a graphic video, you are literally watching someone be killed.