50 Cent at CES

50’s been busy promoting his SMS headphones at CES (Shout out to Tat!) this week in Vegas.  I heard Fif got people going crazy out there!  Earlier today, Fif shared a pic from the convention –  it’s a picture of 50 with Mike Tyson and one other person that made us wonder how Floyd is going to feel about this?!
Check it out after the jump & let us know what you think…


The photo is of 50, Mike Tyson and Floyd’s dad Floyd Mayweather Sr.

For those of you not sure what’s happening, here’s a very brief history:

– Floyd and his dad have always had an up and down relationship

– When Floyd was released from jail, he hadn’t spoken to his dad and the whole 50/Floyd beef came to light (see here, here, here, here & here) and 50 created his own boxing promotion company.  Then 50 Cent hired Floyd Mayweather’s father to train his boxer Andre Dirrell, which of course seemed to be a jab at Floyd from Fif & his dad.

– Floyd Mayweather recently revealed that he may be working with his dad again because his uncle & current trainer Roger Mayweather has some health issues he needs to tend to – see here


So with that said – — is it a big deal if 50 and Mayweather Sr. are cool?  Esp. if he’s supposed to be training Floyd.  Is it a conflict of interest?  Or do you thinks it’s all one big scam/promotion?
Let us know your thoughts….




T/Y TerezOwens