By now every basketball fan knows about what supposedly happened between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett after the two teams played each other in New York earlier in the week. It was reported that Carmelo Anthony went after Garnett well after the game was finished and was even waiting near the Celtics team bus so he could have a word with him. It all stemmed from supposedly KG talking about Melo’s wife La La Anthony and a reference to her liking Honey Nut Cheerios. Now for the record, Melo himself has never said what KG said to him, or if it was anything about his wife. Garnett has been known his entire career as a trash talker so it was not that surprising to hear that. But now Celtics coach Doc Rivers stepped up last night and said none of that happened and was upset KG was made to be the bad guy. Read more after the jump.

In an interview with a Boston radio station yesterday, Rivers was quoted as saying “Well, No. 1, I know what’s been reported did not happen. I know that as a fact.” He added “Guys, you know how this works. A guy does something crazy like Carmelo did, and the way to get out of trouble is to say, Well, he said this. It happens all the time, and what bugs me about this whole thing is this is not a Kevin Garnett issue. And it was made into one, and it shouldn’t have been made into one.”
So basically he said KG did nothing at all and blamed Melo and called him a liar by adding he supposedly knows for a fact Garnett did not say anything like that. I understand Rivers wants to protect his players I get that. But Garnett is known for his foul mouth on the court, and not too mention the past few years suddenly he attempts to be a tough guy on the court, but he comes off like a sucker. Part of me wishes Melo would of been able to see him after the game. Someone needs to let KG know he a punk. He definitely said something that was not cool to get that type of reaction from Carmelo.