Oh you crazy NFL fans. It’s a good thing I don’t drink, cause it’s definitely a possibility that I might be one of those ejected if it was my team.  Lol.
Things got a lil crazy Saturday as the 49ers took on the Packers and yes you read those numbers right in the title.  Report after the jump…


According to ASN:

San Francisco 49ers fans enjoyed seeing their team eliminate the Green Bay Packers from the NFL playoffs on Saturday, but most than 100 of them ran afoul of police and stadium security personnel.

Rather than waiting to see whether the Niners will face the Seattle Seahawks or Atlanta Falcons for the NFC championship, dozens of followers face charges, including public intoxication.

Police at the game arrest 25 people for public intoxication, Sgt. Michael Andraychak said told the San Jose Mercury News. Outside the stadium, two people were arrested in car break-ins, according to the sergeant.

And on the roads later, police made two arrests on alcohol-related driving charges, Andraychak said. That was on top of 92 people ejected from the game.