During his sit-down with Huff Post Live about politics, Big Boi expresses his feelings towards Andre 3000 stating, “That’s my best friend. Our kids play together. We’re just not joined at the hip the way everyone wants us to be.” The host asked Big Boi, when would Outkast be reuniting or coming out with another album. He simply replied, “When you see him sitting right next to me, where this pillow is, then you’ll know.” Well of course we’ll have it figured out by then. I think that this duo is letting things build up. Because the people want the two to link up again so badly, when they come out it’s going to be HUGE. Big Boi also mentions something about the two connecting on the Frank Ocean joint named, “Pink Matter.” It was just something that he was holding off on because, “I didn’t want to do a commercial release on somebody else’s album,” BB throws in. Let’s just hope we’ll get something out of these two soon. It doesn’t matter what it is. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)