Would you find it ironic that a song by Ray Charles, who was obviously blind and could not drive, would be a hazard to you driving safely? Well if you take the results of this study serious, then you just might. A study was conducted by confused.com which had drivers take a 500 mile drive. They had them drive with no music for the first half, and then the second half with music from different types of artists. Heavy metal and hip hop seemed to make drivers crank up the speed and aggression. Even some classical music had a few female drivers begin to drive much more erratic compared to no music at all. I however look at it that the reason these drivers could of acted differently in the second half of the drive was because they had already been in a car for 250 miles plus, which is a long time. There behavior might of changed even with no music just from driving that long and starting to feel tired, drowsy, or just wanting to get the dam drive over with, who knows. By the way, the Ray Charles song that seemed to cause a problem was “Hit The Road Jack”. I wonder if he was not blind would he have had a problem driving to his own song.