Back in 2003/2004, there was no way you could tell me that I wasn’t an actual part of Dip Set. I had every song they put out, every shirt they made, every bandanna…hell, I even had a fake chain. LMAO! So when they kind of went their separate ways over the years, I was pretty bummed…but upon their announcement of a reunion in 2010? WHAT, I was GASSED! However, myself and many other Dip fans across the globe were pretty disappointed after said “reunion” spawned ONE song and a handful of lackluster shows. What kind of reunion was that?! Turns out, the 2013 comeback kid Juelz Santana is mostly to blame! “The stagnation was me for a minute once we decided to get back,” Juelz admitted while talking to MTV over the weekend. Want to find out why? Watch the vid below! In the meantime, March marks the 10 year anniversary (can you believe it?!) of Diplomatic Immunity I, and according to L’z…number III is in the works!

Marisa Mendez

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