Mac Miller started 2013 off fresh and new, leaving a crazy $10 million lawsuit back in 2012. We were all shocked when rap legend Lord Finesse made the decision to sue the relative newcomer last summer, not only for the outrageous amount but for the fact that it was over a mixtape cut…something Mac essentially didn’t make a profit off of. However, Finesse’s argument was that the track (“Hip 2 Da Game” off Mac’s debut tape Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza) was Mac’s big ticket to fame and the reason he’s making the dough he is today. So what came of the suit? Details and a statement from Mac below.

Marisa Mendez

HipHopDX were able to dig up some documents that reveal the suit was settled in December, but the papers don’t provide details on what the settlement was. Complex then reached out to the Pittsburgh rapper, who had this to say:

“I’m actually legally not allowed to say anything about what happened. Other than that it’s been resolved and we didn’t go to trial. If that was really a problem, people would be getting sued left and right.”

That was pretty vague, but loud and clear at the same time. We haven’t seen any more suits of its kind, right? So it seems like Mac is saying he’s all good to go!