Shout out to our guy Thomas Jones.  He’s been very outspoken about this issue and I’m looking forward to watching his documentary series, “The NFL: The Gift or the Curse?”

Retired running back Thomas Jones who played for five teams in 12 NFL seasons, has decided to donate his brain to the Sports Legacy Institute to be studied for evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).


According to Jane McManus at

Jones said he has no idea how many concussions he sustained, but that he’s concerned with what they could mean for his future.

“Honestly, like I couldn’t give you a number because you just play with them,” Jones said. “You can’t know; nobody does. I think the guys counting the concussions were the ones that got knocked out.”

The Sports Legacy Institute won’t confirm individual donations, but a spokesperson said that more than 600 living athletes have decided to donate their brains to be studied. Of 34 neural tissue samples from NFL players, 33 had evidence of CTE. Jones said he can only guess at what has happened to his brain after 20 years of games and practices — and numerous “baby concussions” — through his NFL, college and high school career.

“It’s like taking a fresh, ripe apple and tapping it with your thumb over and over again,” Jones said.

Jones is in the editing process of a documentary series, “The NFL: The Gift or the Curse?” The first of six planned episodes, produced by Jones’ company Independently Major Entertainment Films, deals with concussions and suicide.


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