When I saw this story, I had to write about it because it is something very familiar to me. Shyla Rose Shocko was driving recently and got pulled over for speeding. She, like most drivers did not want to get a ticket. So she did the most logical thing….she LIED! She told the officer she did not have her license on her and proceeded to tell the cop her name was actually the name of one of her close friends. She gave the cop her friends birthday, address, and some other routine information you would know of your close friends. The cop bought her story and gave her a ticket which was really issued to her “friends” name. So grimey! The ticket winds up being paid, not sure by who. But as time would reveal someone caught on to her hoax because Shocko winds up being arrested later on and charged with a few different crimes, including identity theft! SMH, Karma is a bitch ain’t it. This actually happened to me when I was younger. I was pulled over and the cop mentioned to me I had many outstanding tickets from one town that I was not anywhere near in years. Luckily I was able to prove in court that I personally did not get those tickets and they got dismissed, but it was still a hassle. I never did find out who did it. Hopefully it will never be an issue again.