Well I am glad I am not the only person who is saying this! let me put it on the table that I am not a fan of KG, I despise him, but that doesn’t change the fact this season he is not deserving of being an all-star. I am a Knicks diehard fan, (full disclosure) but me saying Tyson Chandler should be starting in the all-star game for the East is not based on me being a Knicks fan. The proof is in the play on the court. Shaq & Barkley seem to agree with me. Read more after the jump.

According to BTB, Barkley was quoted as saying “I love Kevin Garnett, but he’s not having an All-Star year. It’s not fair to Tyson Chandler. He should be starting in the All-Star Game.” Shaq in his usual slow tone also said “Tyson Chandler should be starting. Garnett is older now. He’s slowing down. Even though he’s averaging 15 [points per game], he doesn’t look like the Kevin Garnett of old. In my mind, he’s not playing like an All-Star.” I mean this still does not change the fact KG will start for the East, but there are at least handful of big men in the East who are outplaying KG. Gotta love the fan vote. But it is what it is.