Remember not too long ago, a woman named Kayla Goldberg tried to sue Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries claiming he gave her herpes? Well it is kinda hard to give someone herpes when you do not have it yourself! Humphries went and got tested after she brought that suit, just to prove she was lying. Turns out he never had herpes, so if she has it now her nasty ass basically got it from someone else. She thought she would get some quick cash, but she could not be more wrong. Now her problems are much more than having herpes, I mean even though that is a problem also. Humphries is now counter-suing her for defamation. It is obvious he will win if it goes to court, so I am gonna assume her and her lawyers are going to try and settle. Just another day for an NBA player mixed up with a gold digger. Good for him.