You might be wondering why am I doing a story on new Eagles coach Chip Kelly meeting Mike Vick for the first time. Well it is because this hiring is what could possibly save the career of Vick, at least in Philly. If you know college football, then you know Kelly LOVES that spread option offense that he used at Oregon. Vick , with his athleticism would be a perfect fit to run a version of that in the NFL. Philly definitely needs to get healthy on the offensive line and better in general to protect Vick better. He is proving that even though he is fast and athletic, he is very prone to injuries because he is not the biggest guy. And at the NFL level running that spread option could at times leave the QB open to some big hits, ( ask RG3). But this seriously could be the chance Vick has wanted to get his career back in the direction it was supposed to go. Not like the past couple seasons. Still remains to be seen if Vick will even be in Philly next season with the contract issue, but with the coach they hired, they just made it easier for him to succeed.