So unless you been living under a rock for the past week, then you know Lance Armstrong decided to finally tell the truth about his past in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The man who seemed untouchable once again seems mortal. For years he has appeared to beat any and all drug testing during his career, even though former teammates and opponents told anyone who would listen that Armstrong himself was the main reason most of his teammates were taking performance enhancing drugs. All those “Tour De France” wins, 7 in all had been stripped away from Armstrong by the World of Cycling and Tour De France officials. The U.S. anti doping agency stripped him of more accolades and banned him from the sport for life. When that happened I actually defended Armstrong. Not so much the man himself, but the fact that we live in a country where it is supposed to be innocent till proven guilty. Even though everyone had certain suspicions that Armstrong did indeed use performance enhancers in the past, he never failed a drug test, so I felt his penalties were harsh. But now suddenly he wants to confess to everything. I am very skeptical as to why now? Why all of a sudden does he feel the need to tell the truth, knowing it is going to lead to all types of lawsuits against him from past foes who already tried to take Armstrong down, or people who actually LOST lawsuits against Lance and had to pay him!! Scumbag is not a good enough word to describe this man, especially with all the cancer patients that he helped with his “Livestrong Foundation”. He had cancer patients looking at him as an idol, just to find out he came back from cancer by cheating, SMH. Something still is not sitting right with me. I feel he has a trick up his sleeve, because he is literally going to be sued by multiple people which will total in the tens of millions of dollars at the very least. Any they will all most likely be favored to win with this new evidence. I don’t know, but for those who missed it, hit the link after the jump for the Interview with Oprah and the more important parts.

Lance Armstrong Interview with Oprah