My Twitter timeline is a buzz about these two collabing. At first, I thought it was a joke so I started looking into if it was factual and it turns out it is! Wale is working with someone who many wouldn’t expect him to work with on his forthcoming album, The Album About Nothing. Wale and DJ Omega reached out to the person who the MMG rapper wants to work with, had them at one of Wale’s show,  chilled for a little bit, and then talked about working together. Apparently, this person didn’t really know much about Wale but his wife is a huge fan. Will this help Wale with the sales of his forthcoming album since he will be launching into a new audience? We’ll have to stay tuned. Find out who is it below.

Julie A.

It’s Jerry Seinfeld! Wale’s projects, The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing, were inspired by the TV show “Sienfeld.”