The TSA came under fire when they released full body scanners that have been nicknamed ‘virtual strip searches’ or ‘naked body scanners.’ Now the agency has announced they have plans to remove the scanners, well sort of. Come June, the machine will only display an outline of the human body. Not only will the machines only give a generic outline, but they will not be mandatory and will only be used when the passengers opt to as a “shorter lane” option. The TSA announced that they would only bring back the backscatter machines once the proper software is developed. Read more below.

Julie A.

The TSA has to revamp the 174 backscatter machines in 30 airports as well as the 76 units they have in storage. By June, Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software will be non-imaging and will be used at airports for a fast option. The TSA still incist that the x-ray technology machines are safe and not detrimental to people’s health according to CNN.