There are multiple things wrong with this story. A 61-year-old priest Connecticut not only has one side hustle the church would shun, but also sells drugs. Monsignor Kevin Wallin is a cross-dresser who owns a sex-shop and was investigated for entertaining “odd-looking men” and engaging in sex acts in the church rectory! That’s not even the craziest part of this story, Wallin has been arrested for taking part in a HUGE drug ring that brings in $9,000 per week! Monsignor Meth, as he has been called, resigned from the church back in 2011, but his actions began while he was in the priesthood. Wallin was most busted when he sold Meth to an undercover police officer more than one time. Read more below.

Julie A.

Monsignor Kevin Wallin sold six shipments of meth to an undercover officer from the months of September 2012 and January 2013 before being arrested on January 3. Wallin owned a sex-shop called “Land Of Oz,” rented two apartments and had three cell phones. He sold the drugs from the apartments as well as the store. He’s set to appear in court next week.