Greg Oden was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in 2007.  Since then he’s played a total of 82 games and has almost the same amount of surgeries and breaks from the game trying to repair his knee.  Now it appears he’s gearing up for a comeback.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Despite not playing in two years, despite the knee surgeries and despite the Blazers basically giving money away on their Oden hopes; his comeback is attracting many suitors in the league.

The list reportedly includes Boston, Miami, Cleveland and Dallas.  Oden’s camp is hoping to come to terms with a team sometime around the All-Star break in mid-February, or just after the Feb. 21 trading deadline.  (How salty would some people be if he signed with Miami and won a ring?)

Oden’s agent, Mike Conley, has insisted that Oden is 100 percent and a future All-Star. Oden is currently taking classes at Ohio State, and while he’s expected to sign with a team this season, it’d be for continued rehabilitation purposes only. He plans to actually play games next season. And with the way things are going, he will indeed be back in the league.

“Everybody is looking to roll the dice and take a chance on a big guy,” Danny Ainge (Celtics president of basketball operations) said. “So, yeah, there’s definitely competition.”


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