Every time I heard about Octomom all I think about is her poor children and what growing up is going to be like for them. Not only is their mom known as “Octomom,” but she’s on and off welfare, she’s done porn, and she’s stripped before. All her kids are going to have to do is Google her name and all her troubles will pop up, including her latest one. Last year, Octo and a strip club in Florida signed a contract saying she would strip at their club for $20,000 but she backed out of the dance. Now to avoid legal troubles, Octo will be taking it off for what she claims is the “last time.” Although she will be topless, there are a few things she won’t be doing find out what they are below.

Julie A.

T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL will be hosting Nadya for four shows between February 14-16. She will be totally topless, dancing, and bartender, but she will not be doing lapdances. I’m sure if someone offers her the right amount of cash she will though.