LeBron has been very outspoken on Twitter lately and last night after the sale of the Sacramento Kings was announced, he took to Twitter to share his view on it.  The guy may have a point!  Check out what he had to say & let us know what you think…


*Tweets above in gallery*

According to  at PBT:

It was one of the mantras of the players and their union during the lockout — the NBA owners claim poverty and lost money but they never talk about the increased value of the franchise during their ownership and the profits from that.

The Maloofs bought the Kings 15 years ago in 1998 for $156 million.  The value of the franchise for the purpose of this sale is $525 million (the Maloofs are only selling their 53 percent share of the team, another minority owner is selling his share so the Seattle group will have 65 percent of the team, more than a controlling interest).

That led LeBron James to his tweets (see above).