Announced back in October, the exes of many of our favorite male celebs were revealed to have a reality show in the works with TLC. Along with Lamar Odom’s ex, Funk Flex’s ex and more, Shaniqua Tompkins filmed an extensive amount of scenes that now will be on the cutting room floor thanks to her ex, 50 Cent! He wasn’t playing any games! Details below.

Marisa Mendez

“Shaniqua Tompkins started out taping and was really a great on the show, but after she started 50 Cent got mad and made her stop,” a source reported. Apparently, Fif had decided after filming began that he didn’t want her to reveal anything about his personal life or their child on the show, so he pulled the plug.

“Shaniqua had already filmed a lot for the show, but she didn’t want to fight with Curtis so she decided to bow out of the show before things got ugly,” the source added.

Starter Wives premieres on January 29th at 9pm on TLC.