Kid Cudi recently sat down with Complex to speak on various topics such as him quitting weed (which he has always been pretty notorious for), illuminati affiliation rumors, cliques in rap, and more. Click below to check out the interview.


On quitting weed:
“It was a lot of things that factored into the decision. The main thing, like I said, was for my child, just to handle my business. It was also like, yeah man, I didn’t come into the game being Mr. Weed Boy. [Laughs.] I didn’t ask to be dubbed the lonely stoner…”
On the illuminati rumors:
“…People try to point out the Illuminati, Satanic symbols and references in music videos—specifically in my shit. And like, in no way shape or form am I the type of individual that will be ever thinking of that type of shit while we were working on these videos…”
Click here for the rest of the interview.