I don’t think any player would be happy to hear that they are going back to riding the pine. Of course this includes Pau Gasol. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said the team will be best served with Gasol as a substitute.  Check out Gasol’s reaction after the jump…


According to Joe McDonnell at FoxSports:

Coach Mike D’Antoni removed four-time All-Star Pau Gasol from the starting lineup, replacing him with Earl Clark, and brought the 7-foot Spaniard off the bench. However, it didn’t improve the Lakers’ results, as their losing streak away from Staples Center stretched to six with a 95-83 loss to the Bulls.

”It isn’t against him, it’s better for us right now,” D’Antoni said before the game. ”We’re going to try to work through it and see what we can do. Things do change, things happen. I can’t see the future but we’re ready to go forward.”

Gasol said he’s “not excited” by the move and believes he could soon be gone as the trading deadline nears.

”I have no idea,” he said of his future in LA. ”I can’t really worry about something that is out of my hands so I am just going to stay positive and do my best, but it is not something I am too thrilled about. I wasn’t expecting it. But right now we have bigger things to worry about as a group. As a team player that’s what I’m most concern about.”


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