Well here’s a story for you from the strange and unusual.  People just love having animals get in on picking sports winners.  Maybe I need to get Bijan in on this?! Lol.
A camel named Princess has correctly picked the NFL champions six times in seven years.  Check out the story & who she has picked for this years big game…


According to  at ABC News Blogs:

They say betting is a losing man’s game, but for one clairvoyant camel in Lacey Township, N.J., it’s a winning one.

Princess, a 26-year old Bactrian camel, lives at Popcorn Park Zoo and apparently has the powers to predict the winners of the Super Bowl.

“Over seven years she’s only lost once,” zoo’s General Manager John Bergmann told ABCNews.com. “Last year, she picked the giants to win and they won. I think she has a record of 6 and 1.”

The method to this camel’s madness might be hunger driven, however.

“She loves graham crackers. In one palm we write down with one of these magic markers the 49ers, and on the other, the Ravens. We cover them with graham cracker so she can’t see. Whichever she chooses to eat first is her pick,” Bergmann said. “She picked the 49ers to win yesterday, and they did.”

But just this morning Princess had a change of heart.

“She picked the Baltimore Ravens. I guess she picked the older brother,” Bergmann joked of the sibling rivalry this year between brothers, John Harbaugh, head coach of the Ravens, and Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the 49ers.