Roots’ Questlove is saying that D’Angelo’s up-coming album is 99% complete. Do you think that could be because it has no title yet ? That was the only remotely close to negative statement Questlove had to say about the “How Does It Feel” singer. He’s boasting about this album that he has assisted in by playing the drums. “He’s one of those artists that have, of course, taken 13 years to follow up a record. It’s going to take you about 10 years to digest this record. Totally brilliant,” Quest says. That must mean that this will be an old-school classic banger. Questlove also states that most records if they are a classic you’ll know after the first listen, however these D’Angelo hits, we’ll know that they are classics after the first 30secs. D’Angelo should be turning the album in no later then February for a hearing. They have been working on the album since 2004. Well, I can’t wait then. This should be good to hear. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)