With the Inauguration this week of President Obama, there were many times you saw him getting in and out of his Presidential Limo, affectionately referred to as “The Beast”. I bet many people wonder what is special about that limo, because you know the President is not going to ride in just any limo. Nope, this one is like a fortress that could be used in war. This is fit for a King, or in this case a President. Check the gallery for a breakdown of each part of The Beast. Read more after the jump.

According to the NYDN, The Beast carries its own oxygen, is equipped with a night-vision camera, firefighting system, run-flat tires, tear gas cannons, and steel wheels. An undisclosed amount of Presidential blood in case of emergency is aboard and the car is impervious to biological attack due to a lock-down mechanism which, when deployed, seals the interior against a biological attack. 8 inch think doors add to the protective function of the car. Literally almost no sound enters the cockpit area of the Limo because it is so heavily armored. There is also a 5 inch plate underneath to protect against land mines, and other forms of attack that may come from under the beast. There are countless other features that are not available to the public for obvious reasons. For about $300,000, you too may be able to have some of the same things done to your own limo. Minus the CIA trained driver of course.