This is one of the dopest things I have seen on a car period. Forget big rims, leather trim, custom body kits and big sound systems, this new technology is hot! Hyundai debuted it at the auto show in Detroit last week. It did not get much attention during the show with all the new cars that were released, but honestly this could be one of the best things to come from that show. They teamed up with a company called Tobii to develop software to eliminate the need for drivers to ever take their eyes off the road. It works the same way basically that your X-box Kinect works. The program literally reads the drivers eyes from a HUD (Heads Up Display) which in basic terms means the driver looks ahead and not towards the stereo or gps for example. While holding a button on the back of the steering wheel, Tobii reads your eyes as to which controls you want to touch. Once it makes the selection you let go of the button on the wheel. From that point, lets say you selected the stereo option with your eyes. All you do is move your hand in front of the dashboard and turn your hand like you were turning a doorknob to turn the music up or down. Or if you wanted your text message read to you by the bluetooth in the car instead of looking at your phone which could be dangerous, you do the same thing and wave your hand in front to have the text read. It is not only a awesome feature, it adds so much safety by taking away reasons the driver would take their eyes off the road. Obviously there are steps involved setting it up, but once you get the hang of it, it appears easy as putting gas in your car. Check the little preview video out below and for more info click the link after the video.

jalopnik – Tobii technology