My first reaction to this story was, “whooo carrrres?!” but then it kinda makes sense that another athletes’ wife/ex-wife might speak out on this.  Wes Welker’s wife decided to go in on Ray Lewis after the Patriots lost to the Ravens.  We all know that was a stupid/classless decision and she did apologize for it later. Well the ex-wife of Hulk Hogan has something to say about.  Find out how she feels after the jump…


According to TMZ:

Wes Welker’s wife should NEVER have said a peep about Ray Lewis … this according to another famous (ex-)wife of the sporting world … Linda Hogan … who tells TMZ, it’s never okay for an athlete’s lady to be such a sore loser in public.

In case you missed it … Wes’ wife — Anna Burns Welker — went off on Lewis via Facebook after the Ravens dashed the Pats’ Super Bowl chances. She later apologized … but not before the personal jabs were already delivered.

Now Linda — a former athlete’s wife herself (kind of) — is dishing out some jabs of her own … calling Anna’s outburst “way uncool.”

According to Linda, Anna can say whatever she wants behind closed doors … but “in a public situation, [athletes’ wives] don’t really have a place to make an opinion.”

There you have it, straight from the Hogan’s mouth.