I’ll take the #3 – you know, the one with the kidney in-between the skin and the meat. EWLK! A guy posted a picture to Reddit and captioned, “Got some KFC tonight, it tasted like death, peeled back the skin and this was inside.” According to the reactions of the photo, this is more common then you would think. I would have threw up in my mouth. I knew a long time ago that KFC had feel all the way off. Any time you put two thick a** pieces of chicken filets on the outside of some bacon and cheese as if it’s a sandwich, you have something to hide. KFC apparently examined the photo and said that it wasn’t a brain (which people thought it was), it’s more likely a kidney and NOT life threatening. Does that suppose to make it any better COLONEL ??? Type graphic. Get a throw up bag if you want to take a glance below.

JaaiR (JR)