After Instagram had their legal issues with their changes to their Terms of Service, it has sparked inspiration to create the ultimate photo sharing platform. Instagram has become a resource for photographers and artists alike to share their work, and gain visibility. Artists, photographers, even your every day photo enthusiast had a community to share their work with. Only issue being no one trusts them; and prior to claiming they wouldn’t use your pics for big business marketing… they did. This has left the stage open for competition and Kickstart, Instafocus, is locked and loaded. Tat Wza

Rarely do people go out of their way to tell you how much they like something, but boy do they let you know if they dislike something. Finding what people wanted less of was easy, but putting together the more was tricky. Of course there are a ton of features we would love to have, but they would need to be realistic. Below is a breakdown of the App’s new features as well as a video of Jeremy, 1 of 3 entrepreneurs responsible for Instafocus, explaining the What and Why of their company.

A breakdown of the app’s new features

  • Direct photo uploads to our own cloud service (completely separate from Instagram). We’ll try our best to get EXIF data in there too for the photo geeks.
  • A robust communication system built from the ground up that’ll let you stay in touch with your favorite photographers. View your @mentions in one place, respond to comments in another, send direct messages to your friends, and control it all with black- and white-lists.
  • We’ll let you edit your messages and the photo caption in case you make a mistake.
  • Photo collections. Give your collection a name, add your favorite photos to it (yours or your friends), and share the collection with your followers.
  • We’re going to store photo likes, but also keep track of the number of times your photo was viewed — this will help you better gauge your social reach.
  • You’ll be able to #tag photos with your favorite hashtag, but we’re going to put a lot of effort into keeping the hashtags relevant and not overrun with millions of unrelated posts.
  • We’ll build in a system for you to easily re-post other photos that you love.
  • You’ll be able to quickly go back and delete as many old photos as you want — all in one go.
  • We’re going to make it easier to manage multiple accounts — log into as many as you like and quickly switch between them.
  • We’ll build in better search tools to help you easily manage your relationships.

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