Straight cash homey!  Damn!  I need to start entering contests, you just never know!  One Twitter follower of Jim Irsay is now $8,500 richer because of a contest he entered with the Colts owner.  Details after the jump…


According to Chris Chase at USAToday:

The Indianapolis Colts owner tweeted on Sunday that he’d give $8,500 to whoever could predict the score of the Ravens-Patriots game to within one point. A follower named Jason did just that, calling a 27-14 Baltimore win. When the game ended with a 28-13 count, Irsay sent him direct message asking for his address.

Two days later, Jason says a FedEx envelope arrived with a signed note from Irsay and the winnings in cash. He took a photograph of both.  Check it out in the gallery above.