Crocodile’s On The Loose in Africa! Find Out How Many After the Jump!

Reports of nearly 15,000 crocodiles have be released from an African Farm because of Flooding? Nope, fear of flooding! Crocodile farm owner explains that the Limpopo River is really close to his farm and he was afraid that the “raging flood waters” would crush the walls of his house, so he opened the gates releasing all of the crocodiles into the African Lands. Since this happened, some crocodiles have been captured and returned, but there are still quite a few out there! But Peep Their Plan though lol smh,

“We will catch them as the farmers call us and say there are crocodiles,” Mr. Langman was quoted as saying. Efforts to reach the farm and the local police directly were unsuccessful, with no one answering the phones.”

Beware and Stay Safe!


NY Times