I was definitely surprised by how quiet the Boston Celtics crowd was last night for the game against the Knicks. Boston fans are notorious for going in on opposing players, especially ones that may have an issue with one of their own players. I was waiting for the crowd to rip Carmelo Anthony anytime he got the ball, but was caught off guard when I didn’t hear much booing or trash talking from the crowd. Now I see it’s because their mojo might of been taken from them before the game started. Numerous fans had signs referring to honey nut cheerios and Carmelo’s wife La La Anthony confiscated before the game even began. Security was tight based on what happened the last time these 2 teams played, and they weren’t taking any chances. I am sure if signs and props weren’t taken away the crowd would of been more ignorant and disrespectful because they would of been feeling themselves alot more. From watching the game itself, it seems Anthony has moved on from the supposed beef with Kevin Garnett. The 2 of them are teammates in a couple weeks at the all-star game.