It gets so boring sometimes when athletes don’t say what is on their mind, and they only make PC comments. So when a player says what he is really thinking you gotta love it. Josh Smith of the Hawks stepped away from playing nice and said what he felt regarding him and teammate Al Horford not being selected for this years all-star game. You can definitely make a case for Smith and Horford, but a case can also be made for the 2 players he mentions, Kyrie Irving and Jrue Holiday. Read more after the jump.

Devastated might be a strong word for Smith to use in this situation, but I do get his point. Speaking with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Smith was asked how he felt about no Hawks being selected for the all-star game. He replied “Now that is a devastation. To have two people … that probably aren’t going to make the playoffs that are on the All-Star list, I feel that one of us should have made it, me or Al. I’ve seen stranger things happen. I can’t really worry about it or scratch my head on decision that the coaches made. It is what it is. Hopefully, me and Al (Horford) can take out our frustrations on the Eastern Conference teams from here on out.” In case anyone didn’t realize, the only 2 players on the East roster who have no chance of being in the playoffs are Irving & Holiday, with the Cavs and 76ers respectively. Each year deserving players get snubbed for the all-star game because there are so many good players. But I am glad Smith said what he felt.