Um, Duhhhhhhhhhhh! That is pretty much my response to the story that Jets coach Rex Ryan wants to keep Darrelle Revis in a Jets uniform. You obviously have heard the news this week that the Jets are willing to trade Revis for the right deal because they are scared they won’t be able to resign him after the season. I do somewhat understand that, they want to try and get something for him before he leaves and they are left with nothing. However, when he is the one and only reason your fans still have hope for next year, and the only reason they will buy tickets, trading him will completely alienate your fans! Talent wise Revis is the best player to ever wear a Jets uniform, maybe except for Curtis Martin. But even Martin was never recognized as the best player in the league at his position they way Revis is. Maybe if the organization did not create a circus atmosphere around the team this year with the whole Tebow fiasco then they wouldn’t be in such a bad spot. You do not have to wonder why Rex wants Revis to stay. Having him is the only way Rex can play the type of defense he wants because he has faith that Revis will shut down opposing receivers. Without him, Rex will have to completely change the way he calls defensive plays, similiar to this season. Not too mention for years he has been calling Revis the best defensive player in the league. We shall see how this plays out in the Jets front office.