If you are from the New York area, you know how bitterly cold it has been around here lately. Every day for the past few days, people have braced the cold by bundling in numerous layers and even that isn’t helping many. It’s so cold, that people have been advised to stay indoors if it is possible and many have taken that advice including murderers. This past week NYC has had a completely murder-less week. From Wednesday to Wednesday, there has not been a reported homicide in the city. The last time NYC had a murder-less week was during Hurricane Sandy, in which surprisingly crime rates were down everywhere. The NYPD knows that the crime rate won’t always stay this long, but it’s certainly not a bad thing. Read more below.

Julie A.

Homicides in the city have dropped 25% from this time last year, which is a great way to start off this year’s homicide rates but it won’t last for long. A huge part, if not the sole reason, for no homicides in the city is because of the frigid temperatures. Some say that another large factor in the drop in homicide rate is due to the fact that emergency medical treatment in hospitals have increased and therefore more people are surviving gunshot wounds.