We previously broke the story about the MMG chain used in the Major Distribution music video. Since then 50 has shed some light on how he came about the MMG chain brandished in the video on the neck of a young man, seemingly mocking Rick Ross and his camp. 50 claims the medallion came from a jeweler and that people can’t trust everything they read on the internet. Since 50 never been one to back down from good beef, I have to believe he did it just to get at the MMG brand and shake things up. It was earlier purported that the chain belonged to Gunplay, the MMG artist got into a scuffle with part of 50’s entourage at the BET awards last year, but the G-unit boss claims he got obtained the chain legally likening it to a Death Row hat he saw A$AP Rocky wearing. What do you think, is 50 pulling our leg? Does he really think those are similar situations? I can’t call it but the court of law says innocent until proven guilty so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Hit the jump for more